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A film about a sandwich, that’s all.

Assorted Nonsense Episode V: “Reviews”

In which we discuss reviews of A Time and a Place, some good and some… otherwise.

Publisher’s Weekly Review of A Time and a Place

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CBC Radio Interview

Cover Art for A Time and a Place, by Jeff Minkevics

I will be interviewed this coming Wednesday afternoon (July 12th) by CBC Radio Charlottetown’s afternoon show Mainstreet.

A Time and a Place is largely set in Prince Edward Island; in fact, the story starts off in Charlottetown’s airport. So it’s appropriate that my first ever interview for the book should be conducted by CBC Radio in Charlottetown.

The interview will be broadcast somewhere between 4 to 6pm Atlantic time (3-5pm EST)

You can  listen to Mainstreet here:

Readers Write

From reader Brian Wyvill on A Time and a Place:

Brian Wyvill

“What a great book – couldn’t put it down! I found Wildebear to be a fascinating character study; in some ways a typical man of his generation so easy for us to identify with, but unlike most of us he finds great strength from within and many will admire that. Joe Mahoney places this quirky character into a strange and fascinating set of fantasy worlds creating a wild, wild ride! An intricate plot laced with Mahoney humour and excellent writing makes this a must read for all lovers of good books..”

The Necronian

While I was writing A Time and a Place, my daughter Keira made me one of the characters. This guy’s one of the nefarious Necronians.

Somewhere along the way, it lost a tentacle, but it’s got seven others, so it’ll probably be okay.


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