Cover Art for A Time and a Place by Jeff Minkevics

A Time and a Place coming October 1st 2017, published by Five Rivers Press.

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Mahoney’s work is great for those who like their speculative fiction thoughtful, eloquent, and messy.

Publisher’s Weekly

An intricate plot laced with Mahoney humour and excellent writing makes this a must read for all lovers of good books.


“The plot is fascinating and clever and funny and surprising and human and intricate.”
Arleane Ralph, freelance editor

“…I absolutely love it…. I love the story, the droll humour and the very cool place it’s taken me so far.” John McCarthy, Photographer

“I found Wildebear to be a fascinating character study; in some ways a typical man of his generation so easy for us to identify with, but unlike most of us he found great strength from within and many will admire that.”
Brian Wyvill, Professor · Department of Computer Science · University of Victoria

Barnabus’s nephew is behaving oddly.

Calling upon Doctor Humphrey for assistance has not been particularly helpful, because the good doctor’s diagnosis of demonic possession is clearly preposterous. Even the demon currently ensconced on the front room couch agrees it’s preposterous. But then, how else to explain the portal to another world through which his nephew and Humphrey have just now disappeared? Barnabus knows their only chance of rescue is for Barnabus J. Wildebear himself to step up and go through that portal.

Thus begins an existential romp across space and time, trampling on Barnabus’ assumptions about causality, freewill, identity, good and evil. Can Barnabus save his nephew—and incidentally, all of humanity?