Cover Art for A Time and a Place by Jeff Minkevics

A Time and a Place coming October 1st 2017, published by Five Rivers Press.

Pre-order it here!

A Time and a Place is a 103,000 word science fiction novel published by Five Rivers Press. It’s currently in pre-release directly from the publisher, due for wide release October 1st, 2017.

It’s set in Prince Edward Island and on alien planets. It’s got time travel and talking alien cats. There are seagulls and secret undersea military installations. There’s a snarky artificial intelligence unit named Sebastian and an alien monster named Jacques. It will make you laugh out loud at least once… maybe. If you have a sense of humour, and are related to me.

Having written it, I highly recommend it.

“The plot is fascinating and clever and funny and surprising and human and intricate.”
Arleane Ralph, freelance editor

“…I absolutely love it…. I love the story, the droll humour and the very cool place it’s taken me so far.” John McCarthy, Photographer