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Joe Mahoney

Who am I?

Good question. Still working on that one myself.

I can tell you this much. That I work full-time for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, where I’ve helped make many radio shows over the years, including Writers and Company, Quirks and Quarks, and Q. I’ve produced documentaries on science fiction for The Arts Tonight and The Current. I produced Six Impossible Things, a compilation of short fantastical fiction, curated by Nalo Hopkinson, for Between the Covers, and wrote and produced Faster Than Light, hosted by Robert J. Sawyer, for Sunday Showcase.

I spent a decade making radio plays, working on productions such as The Merchant of Venice, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Afghanada, with some of the finest actors, directors and writers in Canada. I engineered and story-edited Steve the First, a post-apocalyptic science fiction radio play mini-series, and its sequel, Steve the Second, which won a silver Mark Time Award. I produced and directed the pilot of Canadia: 2056, and story-edited all subsequent episodes. I am responsible for all the funniest bits.

In 2007, I left production to join the CBC management team. These days I’m Director of Radio Production.

My short fiction has been published in Canada, Australia and Greece. I’ve been nominated twice for an Aurora Award, one of Canada’s top awards for science fiction and fantasy, for my work on CBC Radio.

My first novel, A Time and a Place, is due out from Five Rivers Press in October 1st 2017.

I live in Whitby with my wife and two daughters, and our golden retriever and Siberian forest cat.

You can reach me at: ilanderz(@)gmail.com


  1. Salut Joe,

    Content d’avoir de tes nouvelles. I see that you still keep some memories of us…

  2. ilanderz

    September 18, 2015 at 10:24 am

    You bet, Frank. Good memories! Great to hear from you.

  3. Hi Joe, I just came across your website. I’m a producer with Voices In The Wind Audio Theatre which is an audio drama production company in Chatham, Ontario. Keeping the art of audio/radio drama alive!

  4. Richard Jiang

    March 2, 2017 at 4:14 am

    Used to love the CBC, was a fan for over thirty years. Now i don’t trust it one iota. It has become a repeater station for the American mainstream media, parroting sound bites which always contain some sort of political angle. There is major collusion to suppress dissenting opinions and CBC is in the thick of it. It is now illegal to comment negatively about immigrants in Sweden, punishable by incarceration. I think the term cultural suicide was the term applied to their situation. But you won’t find CBC reporting anything except how evil Trump is. Even the 24 newspaper will print a fair intelligent debate about issues. CBC is not alone, CTV ,Global , every tv/radio broadcast spins the same yarn.

  5. Well, thanks for dropping by and criticising my place of employment on my birthday, Richard. 🙂


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