Assorted Nonsense Episode I: A Somewhat Awkward Introduction to Video Blogging

My inaugural attempt at a video blog version of Assorted Nonsense. Feedback welcome (no matter how painful…!)

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  1. John Corcelli

    Sounds great! Michael Jackson notwithstanding. And speaking of standing, what if you planted both feet firmly on the ground and delivered your piece that way? But it does sound great, if not a little blurry at the outset…um…how about reading some of your existing blogs? With that microphone you’d sound like Howard Stern.

  2. ilanderz

    Thanks John! I did consider standing, and might try that in the future, although my production space is a little cramped. Have to see how to make that work! Yeah, the video quality leaves a bit to be desired, but can’t quite afford the fancy camera yet. Maybe someday!

  3. Chris

    “Ummmmmm” good first try. Best of luck with the book. Maybe it can be turned in a radio drama !?! You could post it on line as teaser for the book.

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