Beyond the Gate

Singer/Songwriter Amanda Raya

Last week Ryerson student Amanda Raya interviewed me about turning A Time and a Place into an audiobook for one of her classes. I thought she was just going to talk to me about the technicalities of audiobook production. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that not only had she taken the time to listen to the entire audiobook of the novel, she’d enjoyed it.

We had a great conversation during which I discovered that Amanda is also a singer/songwriter.

Yesterday I was flabbergasted to learn that Amanda had written and recorded a song about A Time and a Place. Other than some illustrations which my daughters have kindly drawn over the years, Amanda’s song represents the first artistic work of any kind inspired by the novel, that I’m aware of. Needless to say, I’m touched, impressed, and pleased.

All the more so because it’s great song.

Thanks Amanda!

Beyond the Gate
Written and performed by Amanda Raya


  1. Brian Wyvill

    Awesome song! It sounds like Beyond the Gate could also have been influenced my book : The Second Gate!

  2. Nancy Kelly McCrea

    So beautiful…I love her voice. What a cool gift!

  3. Robert Runte

    Excellent start, but when does she think she’ll be through the complete version of “A Time and A Place: The Musical”?

  4. Dale

    Fabulous! Your influence has begun to ripple outward. Reserve me a ticket for that musical.

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