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Cover Art for A Time and a Place, by Jeff Minkevics A Time and a Place

A Time and a Place has been selected for a BookBub Featured Deal.

This is actually kind of a big deal.

What the heck is a BookBub Featured Deal?

According to their website, BookBub is “a free service that helps millions of readers discover books they’ll love.” Having BookBub feature your book has been likened to winning a lottery. Because the price of the ebook version of A Time and a Place will be heavily discounted for the length of the promotion, I don’t anticipate it to generate much revenue. But the resulting exposure could be quite significant. Well over one million potential readers will be exposed to the existence of A Time and a Place via BookBub’s marketing tools. If even a fraction of those readers purchase A Time and a Place, or start following me as an author, I will be thrilled.

A Time and a Place will be the BookBub Featured Deal on Sunday, September 13th.

Rest assured I will remind you again on that day. And for my fellow writers, I will write a follow-up post to let you know all the behind-the-scene details of how the Featured Deal went. Stay tuned!


  1. Angela Misri

    Hey! Awesome!

  2. Chris Cutress


  3. ilanderz

    Thanks folks!

  4. Dale L Sproule

    Who said that the first week after launch determines your book’s future? Kudo’s for proving that common belief to be nonsense. If you keep promoting, you can keep growing, and develop the fanbase to make your next one climb even faster.

    • ilanderz

      Yes, exactly. A book has a long tail. It’s not a car that depreciates as soon as you drive it off the lot. It’s more like a house or maybe a bottle of wine. It’s possible to increase its value if you nurture it properly. It’s exactly as we’ve heard all along: the writing is only half the battle. I’m still just figuring this all out. But marketing a book is every bit as fascinating and challenging as writing one.

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