Eighty-Seven Year Old Publishes First Book

Tom Mahoney is an eighty-seven year old retired teacher. “The Deer Yard and Other Stories” is his first book, eighty some years in the making.  

“The Deer Yard and Other Stories” is a collection of stories, anecdotes and observations about growing up in a farming family in northern New Brunswick in the years after the second world war. The stories are funny and charming, about bears and ghosts and log drives and wayward handymen and trips in Model Ts and collectively bring that bygone era to life in a way that only someone who lived through it can.  

Tom didn’t intend to create a book; it just came together organically after many years of writing his stories down, many of them based on stories told to him by his father. After years of enjoying their father’s tales, his son and daughters came together to package them up in a single volume and publish them independently. 

 “…reading these stories brought back memories of listening in on heartwarming reunions when the aunts and uncles gathered around the kitchen table out at the farm. Your stories have brought rural farm life from the last generation to life. Every family, every small community has a character or two that can be seen in your stories and like good storytelling, encourages more. I’ll put on the coffee pot…”

~Excerpt of review on Kobo.com

From the back cover:

Tom Mahoney grew up on a small family farm in Johnville, New Brunswick. Despite a lack of modern conveniences such as running water and electricity, he wouldn’t have had it any other way. Tom’s was a world of natural beauty; of soft and lonely quiet. Life was never dull. His active imagination was nourished by ghosts and demons, intrepid priests, drunken neighbours, redneck bullies, frightened deer, angry bears, wannabe circus dogs, and plenty of shenanigans. From these seeds great stories grew. Drawing on his own experiences and those of his family — his father was also a gifted storyteller — Tom’s humorous and touching tales, spanning decades, brim with colour and authenticity.

The Deer Yard and Other Stories is available via all major online book retailers including Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and more, in both e-book and print. Contact: Joe Mahoney 416-705-8843  ilanderz@gmail.com