Heck No!

Back in 2017 I started making videos in an attempt to market my novel A Time and a Place.

I just watched three early attempts.

They’re … terrible. Embarrassing. I would catalogue what’s wrong with them but it would take too long and the more I think about them the deeper into depression I fall. They’re especially hard to watch now because I have the great pleasure of working with some real visual pros in my day job these days whose work makes my efforts to produce video content look like amateur night (which, of course, it is).

I don’t regret making those videos, though. I had to get through them to learn. To figure out what I was doing wrong. To figure out lighting and proper sound and editing and so on.

I’m still working on all that.

But I’m going to post a few over the next few days that I don’t think were COMPLETE disasters. Starting with this one, which I call Heck No for reasons that become obvious. It’s just outtakes from a disastrous, boring and earnest video that I won’t be posting. With this one I learned that funny is infinitely more compelling than being earnest. There isn’t much point to this video other than a few chuckles (or “mehs” depending on your taste in humour) but at the very least it was fun to put together.