Mad Scientist

A little bit of audio fun.

The voices you’ll hear are those of Tony Daniels, Robert J. Sawyer, Rosie Fernandez, and Fergus Heywood.

The clips are from a science fiction radio pilot we pitched some years back.

Really have to make some more content like this some day.

Mad Scientist Part One
Mad Scientist Part Two
Mad Scientist Part Three


  1. Christ Cutress

    Those were the days Joe. A little brilliance mixed with some fun and a Radio Drama Series was created. Too bad it didn’t get budgetted … it would have been a classic like Nightfall and Vanishing Point were and are.

  2. ilanderz

    Yes, a bit of a disappointment, that one. So much fun. But Faster Than Light may live on one day from home, when I have a bit more time. We’ll see. I think it would make a fine podcast.

    • Chris Cutress

      Let me know when the Podcast happens. I’ll be a listener.

  3. Brian Wyvill

    I certainly miss CBC radio dramas in general, and am particularly miffed that Sci Fi a la Joe Mahoney never got past the one pilot broadcast. Love the newly published collection of short stories, Joe.

    • Chris Cutress

      I still miss CBC Radio D rama as well. All the piloting I did with Richard Side for the “Scat In The Hat” comedy-variety series (live audience) including the writing budget for a first series of 6 episodes . I got the go ahead and produced “The Scat In The Hat Christmas Special”. By the time it aired James Roy was the new head of Drama and he agreed to pay for the 6 scripts. Unfortunately he couldn’t wrap his head around the concept of a live comedy-variety drama ?!? and killed the project before it went into production. By the time he was gone and the next head was in charge (and showed an interest) I was already out the door with a exit date of the last day of July 2009 and Richard was busy with “The Debaters”. Too bad, it would have made a great series. Kathleen Flaherty tried to save it as a psuedo-studio drama “Scat Private Eye” but that never went past the pilot stage. Thank the lord that the BBC still does some excellent radio plays and you can hear them on the web as podcasts if your fast enough. I’m truly sorry for the actors, composers, and writers who will never got the chance to perform radio drama. In Vancouver it was a true melting pot for young actors who were able to work in the studio with older actors and learn their craft and truly hear what their performances sound like with voice only. A large number of our young actors went on to do animation and commercial work because of the voice training they received at the CBC. As well a number of writers were able to make their way to television due to the experience and credits gained from writing for radio. My lottery fantasy involves funding a pseudo radio drama production group like the “The Post-Meridian Radio Players” out of Boston who stage radio drama recreations on stage. Including some Nightfall episodes in the past. They also do some original productions for CD and MP3 sale.

  4. ilanderz

    Thanks Brian. And yes, Chris, there remains so much untapped potential for radio drama or a version thereof. So much we could do in this age of podcasting. I think it’s just a matter of time until the stars align, the right people are in the right place, the money appears, and we see a renaissance of radio drama in the guise of theatrical podcasting (somebody will have to come up with a better name for it). And when that auspicious time occurs, I offer my humble services to assist, should I still be around, and mobile, and my synapses still firing.

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