Day and Night Dragons

Some fiction from my daughter Erin. It’s a myth, which she wrote for a class project:

Night and Day

By Erin Mahoney

A small night-scaled dragon lay grumbling at the roots of a great oak tree. Stars speckled her wings, bright and glowing, and a shimmering halo floated just above her horns. With a bored expression she watched a leaf flutter by. Suddenly, the tree she was laying under burst into flames.

“Night will never come again,” snarled a voice.

The night-scaled dragon shielded herself with a wing as the voice drew closer, brining with it a blinding light.

“Luna…” The night-scaled dragon gasped, screwing her eyes shut. “You know that will never happen.”

Within the blinding light a large, glowing dragon appeared, wings outstretched, tail lashing. She also had a halo, shining a vibrant yellow. Her horns were long and hooked like claws, and she wore a miniature sun around her neck.

Luna snarled, and Night braced herself for a battle.

“Nerona would be better if dragons like you didn’t exist,” Luna spat.

Night, now seething with fury, dove out of the cover of the burning oak and launched herself straight at Luna. Luna, taken by surprise, didn’t have time to react as Night crashed into her.

Night clawed at her wings, fury blinding her mind. Luna lashed her tail, trying to shake Night off. A rumbling sounded deep in Luna’s throat.

I wonder what that mea– Night didn’t have time to finish her thought as a huge, blazing fireball burst from Luna’s mouth. There was no way Night could dodge something that big. As the fireball flew at her, she thought one last thing:

I’m sorry…

Night awoke to see fire all around her, the flames lapping at a stone roof. I’m in a cave?

At first, Night thought she was dead, but then she saw Luna. There was no way Luna could’ve been dead too.

Luna’s eyes lit up when she saw Night. “You’re awake! How wonderful!”

Night lashed her tail. “Wonderful isn’t exactly how I’d put it.”

“Of course not. You’re the one trapped behind a wall of fire.”

Night felt a growl rising in her throat. Obviously.

Luna paced around the cave, her sharpened claws tapping on the cave floor.

“You know why you’re here, Night.” She pointed with her tail to the glowing sun outside. “Night should never be allowed to come again.”

Night knew that was because of the excruciating cold that came in the darkness. Luna much preferred the warmth of the sun in her scales, unlike Night. Her dark scales absorbed every drop of heat, and Night hated it.

“Why can’t we just share the day?” Night argued. “Then we wouldn’t be fighting all the time, and plus, it would even out the heat and cold.”

Luna raised an eyebrow. “Share?”

Night grunted. Did she not know what ‘share’ meant?

Then Luna continued. “That could work… it would make the night warmer if the sun shone long enough.”

Night felt a glimmer of hope. She never thought Luna would agree to this.

“We would have to make the night and day equal in length,” Luna said.

Night nodded. “We will.”

Luna curled her tail. “Then I accept. We will have a night and a day.”

The End