This page is reserved for media that I’ve produced or been involved with over the years. Scroll down and you’ll find interviews, documentaries, streeters, videos, at least one short film, and whatever else I thought might be of interest.

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Assorted Nonsense

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Assorted Nonsense: The (sort of) Podcast

Faster Than Light

Host of Faster Than Light, Science Fiction Author Robert J. Sawyer

A science fiction themed radio show for which I produced three pilots once upon a time. Here they are, in all their glory:

Faster Than Light Episode One:

Faster Than Light Episode One

Faster Than Light Episode Two:

Faster Than Light Episode Two

Faster Than Light Episode Three:

Faster Than Light Episode Three

Audio Interviews

Ryerson student Amanda Raya interviewed me about turning A Time and a Place into an audiobook for one of her classes:

Amanda Interviews Joe

Ira Nayman and Joe Mahoney

Editor of Amazing Stories Ira Nayman interviews me for the Amazing Stories podcast The Gernsback Machine.

Joe on Gernsback Machine

Christine Cowley interviews me for Storylines on Hunter’s Bay Radio.

Jessica Carol Sanders interviews me for her audio podcast Jessie’s Coffee Shop.

Text Interviews

CBC Radio’s Mainstreet (Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island) talked to me about A Time and a Place around the time of its launch.

My friend and fellow writer Nicky Borland interviews me for her blog Finding the Words.

Audio Documentaries

This is a documentary on science fiction that originally aired on CBC Radio’s The Art’s Tonight.

Science Fiction Documentary

This is a shorter documentary on science fiction recorded mostly at TORCON, the World Science Fiction Convention in Toronto in 2003. It aired on CBC Radio’s The Current.

Short SF Doc


A “streeter” is a series of short, snappily edited interviews with people out in the real world. I produced a bunch of them back in the nineties on a variety of subjects. Here are my faves:

This is the first streeter I ever did. It’s about Prince Edward Island, recorded mostly on Yonge Street in Toronto, in front of the Eaton Centre. I produced it for CBC Radio Syndication, and it aired on various morning and afternoon shows across the country.

PEI Streeter

This is a high production streeter I produced for The Inside Track, a sports show that used to air on CBC Radio, and that is greatly missed by many.

Sports Streeter

This is a streeter on Boardgames that I also did for The Inside Track.

Boardgame Streeter

I was asked to put this streeter together when Gary Larson, creator of The Farside comic, decided to retire. It’s one of my favourites. After it aired, one of hosts of Metro Morning called me up and told me that Gary was so upset about this streeter that he intended to sue me and the CBC.

I couldn’t imagine why, but I was rather upset about it, and fretted about it that night until somebody finally saw fit to tell me that it had just been a practical joke on the part of the host.

Can you say gullible?

(Did you know that gullible isn’t a real word? Try looking it up in the dictionary.)

Farside Streeter

Select Videos

Joe Versus the World

In which I have a little chat with the World

Filmmaker Ryley Beach: A Tribute

A tribute to my nephew, filmmaker Ryley Beach

A Day in the Life

In which I live my life

Future Joe

In which I am visited by a time traveler

Four of a Kind: a short film

In which I play some poker