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Update: Turns out the Newsletter sign up form was glitchy. But it should work now! If you tried signing up any time before Monday April 6th I’m afraid you’ll have to sign up again. Sorry for the trouble!

Off to the right there on this very blog you’ll see a place where you can sign up for writing news about Yours Truly should you be so inclined. What writing news, you ask? How many words I’ve written each day? How many I haven’t? Which words I wrote? Which words I deleted, or rewrote, or spelled wrong?

Nah, nothing like that. Just news about new books I have out, or appearances at various book fairs, along with anything else I think you might be interested in.

As with all such newsletters, you need to expressly opt-in to be included, to ensure that nefarious characters like me don’t spam you. And you can opt out at any time by simply clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the newsletter, or by dropping me a line and saying, “Will you please take me off this newsletter, please, I thought you were Joe Mahoney the baseball player, not some lame writer guy,” or the like.

I’m only asking for three pieces of information about you. Email, for obvious reasons, name, for relatively obvious reasons, and country, just cuz that would be interesting to know. You don’t even have to tell me the truth. You can just make a country up, if you like. That might be even more interesting.

A note for those who might have signed up before: I’m afraid you’ll have to sign up again. I was using a different service before, which hasn’t worked out. So starting fresh with Mailerlite, which I’m optimistic will work much better.

Anyway, here’s hoping you sign up. If enough people do, expect to start seeing some newsletters. Not too many though… don’t want to inundate anyone. But I should be able to manage at least one or two over the next ten or twelve years…


  1. TH

    Done! 😉

  2. Anna-Liza Kozma

    Looking forward to reading more, Joe.

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