For reasons I will elaborate on in a later post, I’ve decided to podcast the audio version of A Time and a Place. One chapter at a time, possibly with supplemental material, entirely for free, every two weeks.

The audiobook version is still for sale in various venues. That way if you can’t wait for the next chapter, you can just purchase it. It’s also a means to support the book financially should you so choose.

But if you don’t mind one chapter at a time, you’ll find it here, and on various other podcast platforms, such as Spotify, once I get those set up.

In the meantime, here is the first chapter.

Hope you like it:

Chapter Twelve: An Important Date A Time and a Place

Wildebear and Humphrey find themselves back on Earth, near Summerside, two years in the past. Wildebear realizes that he can prevent his sister Katerina's tragic motorcycle accident. Or can he?   
  1. Chapter Twelve: An Important Date
  2. Chapter Eleven: Vegetation Abounded
  3. Chapter Ten: Cat
  4. Chapter Nine: Inside
  5. Chapter Eight: A Short Trek