One of a series of posts about working at CBC Radio back in the day.

(Here’s some more).

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

I took a taxi home one day. The cab driver was listening to 680 on the AM dial, which used to be CFTR in Toronto. Maybe it still is.

Do people still listen to AM, I wondered? Obviously they do.

I said, “What is that you’re listening to?”

He said, “Dunno. News and stuff. I like to hear the news.”

“Do you ever listen to CBC Radio?” I asked, just for fun.

He said, “What’s that?”

“99.1 on the FM,” I said. I didn’t tell him that’s where I worked.

He switched to 99.1. It was ten to eleven on a Saturday morning. We heard some bizarre music from a show I wasn’t familiar with (the eleven o’clock Saturday morning slot was frequently a grab bag of mixed programming).

The cab driver laughed. “Good one, buddy!” he said, and switched right back to what he’d been listening to before.