Still so much to learn…

There once was a man named Moe
Who was hired to run the show
He was quick on his feet
Could bounce back from defeat
His self-esteem? Not very low

Moe could figure things out real quick
He usually wasn’t a dick
His decisions flew 
His mistakes were few
On a team he would usually click
But Moe sometimes got lost in his head
And missed what others had said
Missing the clues
Gave him the blues
And made others around him see red
Fearing criticism might do more harm
He concealed displeasure with charm
Lack of success
Would sometimes depress
But usually did not alarm
Sometimes, Moe talked too much
And he wasn’t assertive as such
Though he rarely got mad
When he did it was bad
So he usually preferred a soft touch
If one were to look for a theme
It’s that Moe cared a lot for his team
For them he would grow
So that he would know
His faults, how to redeem