The esteemed Benoit Chartier

Benoit Chartier of Trode Books invited me to participate in a series of interviews he’s conducting with authors and other creative folk in whose company I’m honoured to find myself. Thanks for the great questions, Benoit!

He’s posting these interviews once a week, every Friday, on his website. Some excellent interviews here. Definitely check out more than just mine!

Today we will be putting the tough questions to Joe Mahoney

He is a time-travel/fantasy/sci-fi author who has been writing for forty-six years. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.

-Joe, what first attracted you to the genre?

That’s going back a long ways, but as near as I can recall it was a combination of elements. At the age of six my favourite show was Johnny Sokko and His Giant Robot, about a kid who finds and ultimately controls his own giant robot to fight evil.  Then it was Star Trek back before everybody else discovered it. 

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