What Did We Know?

Three Oaks Senior High School

Three Oaks Senior High School

My wife and I were discussing reunions for the High School we both attended, Three Oaks Senior High School in Prince Edward Island. Neither of us has ever managed to attend a reunion because we live in Ontario, only get back to PEI every two years (if that), and when we do get back any reunions are invariably held the week before or after we’re there (hmm… makes you wonder).

We got to talking about the so-called “in-crowds” which neither of us were ever a part of, if such things even existed at Three Oaks.

We agreed that it was a long time ago and probably everybody’s changed anyway.

“What did we know back then, anyway?” I said. “Nothing, that’s what we knew. We were just kids. We didn’t know anything.”

“You didn’t know anything,” my wife corrected me. “But I’m pretty sure everybody else knew some stuff.”

Effectively ending the conversation (it’s hard to talk when you’re too busy laughing).

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  1. Mai-Ling

    My 20 yr is coming up and to be honest I am not keen on going. I didn’t go to my 10 yr either. But you’re right, what did we know back then.

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