Wildebear and the Necronian

Jacques the Necronian

Writers just love it when fans of their work create works of art based on that work. I’m no exception. One of my fans created clay versions of two of my main characters in A Time and a Place. To the left there you’ll see a good likeness of Jacques the Necronian.

And below, yes, there he is, the one and only Barnabus Jehosophys Wildebear! (As an aside, I’ll mention I didn’t choose the name Jehosophys randomly… it has to do with the whole Akasha subplot. I like little bits that resonate.) Not sure what happened to Wildebear’s left eyebrow… must have fallen off. That sort of thing will happen when you’re gallivanting around the universe. And I do believe that is Sebastian on his left wrist.

Now, I should point out that the “fan” in question here is actually my daughter Keira. And the truth is I’m MUCH more a fan of hers (and her sister Erin, who also creates much fine art) than the other way around.

As it should be.

Barnabus Jehosophys Wildebear


  1. Robert Runte

    That is totally awesome!
    When is lego bringing those out/doing the movie.
    On second thought, you did your own audiobook, so maybe if you get the rest of the characters from Keira, you could animate your own movie version.

    [One of my colleagues is big in 3D printing, so he did the spaceship lander from my novel as one of his many designs, but I’ve taken so long to finish he just uploaded it to the Web as a random spaceship so I missed my chance for figurine fame. But I have it over my desk as inspiration…]

  2. Joe

    Here’s hoping the inspiration works! I really want to see that finished novel…

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