The Blue Shank Road

Assorted Nonsense Episode VIII: My brother-in-law (and fellow author) Brian Wyvill and I visit the Blue Shank Road outside Summerside PEI, where Barnabus J. Wildebear and Doctor Peter Humphrey first return to Prince Edward Island following their trip through the gate in my novel A Time and a Place.

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Ode to a Sandwich

A film about a sandwich, that’s all.

Assorted Nonsense Episode VI: Finding Humphrey the Seagull

On location in Prince Edward Island with my brother-in-law Brian Wyvill in Seven Mile Bay on Prince Edward Island.

Assorted Nonsense Episode V: Bad Reviews Don’t Bother Me (he lied…)

Assorted Nonsense Episode V: “Reviews”

In which we discuss reviews of A Time and a Place, some good and some… otherwise.

CBC Radio Interview

Cover Art for A Time and a Place, by Jeff Minkevics

I will be interviewed this coming Wednesday afternoon (July 12th) by CBC Radio Charlottetown’s afternoon show Mainstreet.

A Time and a Place is largely set in Prince Edward Island; in fact, the story starts off in Charlottetown’s airport. So it’s appropriate that my first ever interview for the book should be conducted by CBC Radio in Charlottetown.

The interview will be broadcast somewhere between 4 to 6pm Atlantic time (3-5pm EST)

You can  listen to Mainstreet here:
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